Dog Treats Surprise

by Mary Haight on January 9, 2012

Dog treats can sometimes just appear in this household…product shows are a very good thing for just this reason!Organic Dog Treats

While I was sick over the holidays, I felt sorry for my dog – his presents were the two Angry Bird toys I won from a No Dog About It blog contest and I did not have the energy to play with him, so he was creating his own playtime.  It was very sweet to watch, but I felt like a real dud!

I thought it would be nice if I had some special treats for him, although I knew I could not stand up long enough to make him the tuna treats recipe I got from pal Karen Friesecke at Doggiestylish.  For some reason I felt around on top of the refrigerator and came up with two bags of Onesta Organic treats!  Who does that?  I felt like I won back my “good dog mom” title!

I must tell you how happy these special treats made Tashi – I don’t think that tail ever wagged any faster, and it solved my guilt over boring my dog, which Edie Jarolim can tell you all about.

Organic, human-grade (raised for human consumption), pasture raised and made in the USA, these treats come from certified organic pasture raised animals. That means sustainable farming practices are in place and that improves quality of life for the animals.  The treats are vacuum packed for freshness, raw-dehydrated at low temperatures to maintain nutrients, even excess fat is removed to lower fat content.  Treats should be refrigerated or frozen once opened.  And if you don’t want to feed them dry to your dog, you can mix them into his wet food to rehydrate.

There is little worse than feeling you’ve let your dog down – great luck that Onesta Organic treats appeared seemingly out of nowhere =)



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