Why Dog Insurance is a Good Idea

by Mary Haight on December 6, 2011

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Just as in every other area of life, the cost of veterinary treatment for pets is rising year on year, which can cause serious problems for dog owners, especially if emergency treatment or surgery is needed for your dog. Vet visits may be needed for a variety of common reasons such as:

  • Ear Infections
  • Eye Infections
  • Skin Irritations and Pyoderma as a result of them
  • Stomach and Bowel problems leading to sickness and/or diarrhoea
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Tumours
  • Sprains
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Physical Injuries from accident or fighting

Although many of the usual reasons for dogs to need to visit a vet can be for relatively minor (although still worrying) matters, any course of treatment can be costly unless you have pet insurance. Even routine visits make a hole in your budget, so paying a small monthly insurance premium, instead of having the shock of a large bill, makes a lot of sense and provides peace of mind for owners.

Most dogs will need to see a vet at least once a year, and it is more likely that you would need to claim against your pet insurance for the cost of veterinary treatment, than submit a home or vehicle insurance claim. Pet insurance should not be viewed as an optional extra, but as an essential cost of owning a pet, and started as soon as a dog joins your family.

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Policies vary considerably in terms of coverage, with differences in the level of excess, and the total annual amount that may be claimed under the policy. Certain breeds are more expensive to insure, and pedigrees more so than mixed breeds. Some policies exclude certain treatments, for example dental work may not be covered, and annual vaccinations are often excluded, whilst others only cover injury caused by an accident, rather than illness.

Lifetime policies cover long-term conditions, such as diabetes and asthma, and although it would mean staying with one insurer, will help owners to cope with the continued cost of a pet with one. As a lifetime policy exists before the condition is identified, it removes the worry caused by conditions lasting beyond the term of an annual policy. It is essential to thoroughly check the policy before you take it out, to make sure you understand exactly what is covered and, just as important, what isn’t.

As with any insurance, prices vary between providers, so it pays to shop around, and there are various online resources to help you in comparing dog insurance quotes. Spending a little time in checking them out will save you a great deal of worry and heartache when your dog does need to see the vet.

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Carol Bryant
Carol Bryant

I love having pet health insurance; have had it for 15 years and really would do anything for my dog. Knowing, however, the insurance is there for huge vet bills is a great relief.

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