Pet Facts: Where The Money Goes and More Infographic

by Mary Haight on December 23, 2011

Pet facts curated well always attract  interest – who doesn’t want to know that heart attack patients who own dogs are 6x more likely to survive?  Or find a little gem that makes you laugh out loud: Do you know how many dogs are running around with neuticles? Try 425,000! It’s not a rehash of common knowledge, and has an interesting take on how we could save more animals.  There are even facts about government oversight of breeders and inspectors.

I found this great infographic (hat tip Pawsh Magazine) to have some interesting facts, and some facts you might question.  The maker, Frugal Dad, anticipated that and offers citations at the end of graphic.  Now that I really like!  What’s your favorite here, what didn’t you know?

Pets Infographic


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