NOse Offense – A Green Fix for Pet Odor Problems

by Mary Haight on December 16, 2011

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Cleaning up after pets can be done with less effort if you have the right product.  Accidents, wet dog odor, bird cages, litter box odors can all be erased with NOse Offense says maker, Rembo Corporation.  The new technology they developed is said to neutralize odors at the molecular level – even if you need to spray the air to remove odors, it works.  I just did that in the garage.  It does work.  There is no fragrance to the product, no need to put up with flowery or odd sweet smells, one of my pet peeves.

NOse Offense can be used on surfaces like wood and plastic, and on fabrics, curtains, carpets and blankets.  According to the company you can spray it on a cloth and wipe down your dog.  This would be particularly useful for dogs who lead an outdoorsy life, chasing through woods, jumping in ponds and bringing all those smells back to the house.  The scent of pond scum is fixed in my brain – not something I want to experience again!  And even the activities of more citified dogs, jogging through the streets, playing at the dog park, and walking through the forest preserves, offer opportunities that could require help in the smelly dog department.

NOse Offense – Non Toxic and Safe Organics

Check the labels on what you currently use for odor elimination.  Many air freshening products that leave a “clean” smell have toxic chemical ingredients called phthalates that cause birth defects, change hormone levels, are associated with development of asthma and other negative health effects according to the National Resources Defense Council.

NOse Offense is a green product, eco-friendly down to the biodegradable packaging.  Ingredients are water, proprietary zinc salt, emulsifiers, preservatives and proprietary counteractants.  So if you think you’ll be needing something like this for the winter months with the house locked up tight, take a look at NOse Offense the next time you’re at your favorite pet supply store.  And if you have already used it, share your results.  I think we all like to know if others are getting the same results!

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