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by Mary Haight on December 19, 2011

I heard a podcast the other day from Kelly Gorman Dunbar at Animal Cafe, interviewing Steve Dale about what’s

Steve Dale
Cover of Steve Dale

happening in his world; *that* could take hours, possibly days, to relate given everything Steve’s involved in! But the discussion was over in a flash and covered some really interesting things happening in the dog training and behavior world.

Behavior is a hot topic, a subject that is often misunderstood by dog owners who can end up  characterizing what is normal  dog and cat behavior as being a sign of spiteful response or some other human psychological construct. We are reminded that our dogs and cats are not little humans and we do a disservice to them and our relationship with them when we do that.

Dogs and cats do not think and reason as people do and to believe they do is putting responsibility where it does not belong.   And if you know anyone who does this to their dogs or cats, expecting them to understand human reasoning, check out Steve’s two new ebooks!  Good Dog and Good Cat.  What is very different and oh *so* cool about the dog ebooks is, not only are they jam-packed with hundreds of questions on training and behavior, but the $4.99 edition of Good Dog links to some helpful videos that will show you immediately how to deal with some of the more popular problems that send dogs to the pound.  Sounds like a delightful surprise in anyone’s Christmas stocking.  For use only on iOS device: ipad, iphone, ipod, itunes. The ebook without the interactive element is only $2.99 at Amazon!

Now I know you must be excited at this last minute “find”, but don’t forget the interview at Animal Cafe=)

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