Dog Book for the Holidays and Year-Round!

by Mary Haight on December 21, 2011

Dog books are great gifts  to give, and while, yes, Hanukkah is upon us, you have 7 days left to pick something out, and

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Christmas is just a few days away.  You can order online and have it arrive as fast as you like!  There’s one more book that I want to share with you.  I think it’s a perfect choice for newbies and the seasoned  dog lover alike.

Edie Jarolim, a professional writer and blogger,  has written a smart, humorous, witty reference book  that covers A-Z  information from getting your first dog, as she has, to grooming, behavior, health, training, senior care and when to say when.  I was and am so impressed with Am I Boring My Dog? And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew that when I first reviewed the book, I asked Can A Book Save Dogs? I thought it was the perfect handout for shelters and rescues to offer to their adopters.  Often in the excitement of getting a dog, people forget that they don’t come home and automatically fit in to the family routine.  House training and caring for a dog can get overwhelming without help, and that can cause people to return their dog.  This book helps in a big way.

Because Am I Boring My Dog explores so many areas and is so well-organized, knowledgeable dog owners can pick it up and use it for reference.  In 240 pages of  beautifully edited, well-researched writing, there is a depth of information that is surprising and unexpected.  The book, while presented with humor, is a highly educational read and deserves a place on your bookshelf.

So pop over to Edie’s blog and you’ll find out how to “give the gift of dog savvy” get your book inscribed, and the special  link to buy it! (Note: I did try to put the “buy now” button here for your convenience – it wiped out my first post entirely, leaving no trace of it anywhere!)

Are you done with all your shopping?

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