Dog Training Rules Are For People Too

by Mary Haight on November 15, 2011

Dog training rules are not just for dogs, they are also for the people who live with them.  When families adopt a dog,Dog Training Rules they often give their dog  too many opportunities to make mistakes and end up being unhappy with the  dog.  Most often they did not help the dog understand what the desired behavior was by reinforcing good behavior and preventing unwanted behaviors.  How do you make a plan to teach your dog how you want him or her to behave?  What are reasonable expectations?

Dog Training Rules – Boundaries, Routine and Repetition

First you need to remember that your dog is not a furry person:)  As much as we have been told our dogs are  as smart as  two-year-olds, they are not little humans – they are a separate species with their own imperatives and their own perspective of the world.  One of the complaints we often hear during calls from people who want to give up their dog is that he doesn’t “fit in” with the family routine, he won’t stop barking when they leave, he growls at the kids when they try to play with his toys.  Clear, consistent communication with your dog from the first day will set him on the path to success and will build on the bond between you.  On the other hand…

If you think it’s wrong to use a crate for limited times to prevent the dog from making mistakes in the house, or if you think it’s somehow unfair to put the dog on a leash so you don’t miss a signal and he won’t fail to understand what is expected, then you are doing the dog a disservice.  Of course crates can be misused,  as a punishment – that is not advised.  If you do all you can to prevent your dog from failing a rule, you will be giving your dog lifelong skills that will help him navigate happily through the world of human expectations.

Strengthening the bond between you and your dog, what can reasonably be expected when you bring a new dog home, using tools available to help your dog prevent mistakes and more are discussed in Kelly Gorman Dunbar’s great interview with Andrea Arden, Certified trainer, Author and Animal Planet expert.  You can tune in at Animal Cafe.

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