Pet Product Reviews: Handmade, Custom Under $30

by Mary Haight on October 30, 2011

October’s pet product reviews on Animal Café offered up some very well-priced items and because it looks like winter has sneaked up on and scared us all with a thundering “BOO” barging in much too early, it’s not too soon to start thinking about those “Secret Santa” gifts, office exchanges, and of course, stocking presents for pet parent pals. The Autumn snow smackdown gave us all the biggest Halloween Trick, so check out these items and treat yourself!

Carol Bryant of FIDO Friendly brought in lots of interesting items, one of which you might think everyone should have. 

  1. The Furminator Fur-Dry spa robe, would make a great gift for all those pet parents on your list.  It’s made of thick, absorbent microfiber that your dog will not be able to squirm out of.  It’s easy to wrap your wet dog up in the Fur-Dry after a bath or after being out in the rain and snow.
  2. There were also several other items under $30, one of which is a “Pawfect Pendant Watch” in a stainless steel case and chain, with your favorite breed pictured on it.  It has a mirror inside, and the battery for the watch is included.
  3. Another is the Disney movie “Spooky Buddies”, helping keep the kids quiet, as Carol suggested, for at least 88 minutes.  
  4. And there’s Pets R Loved who does wonderfully handmade artful embroidery work for Christmas stockings, household and hostess gift items.
  5. Morton Salt with their pet safe ice-melt has a bloggers contest and goodie bag giveaway for their readers.  Our November 10 edition will explain the whole story, so stay tuned.

If you’re stumped for gift ideas or if you just like hearing about all the wonderful products available for your dog, join us!

Not only a pet product reviews podcast, this week we also reviewed a few of the many articles and features in FIDO Friendly’s Fall issue, so join the fun and listen in – you might find a couple of perfect gifts for your pawtastic pals, and a few for yourself too!

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