Traveling With Dogs, Glorious Italy

by Mary Haight on September 18, 2011

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Traveling with dogs to Venice (yes, they are allowed in the gondolas!), in and around the small towns in the Dolomite mountain range, hiking through snow, and then on to Milan, Diane Silver, PR consultant and writer at To Dog With Love, explains how she found traveling with dogs in Italy to be a carefree, almost festive experience with her Havanese, Cosmo.

I was enchanted to hear about the beautiful dog park in a park in Rome complete with a restaurant where you can take your dog inside and have a meal.  There are almost no restrictions on where you can go with your dog in Italy! I was surprised to hear that even shopping was not an issue. I’ve always worried about leaving my dog in the hotel with a stranger in a strange place, and Italy seems to erase that concern. People there are very aware of dog safety and proximity to others, making traveling with dogs in an unfamiliar city where you don’t really know the laws, or maybe even the language, all the more relaxing.

Manners are taken seriously, and that was a happy fact shared in Edie Jarolim’s interview with Diane Silver.  It’s just as important when traveling with dogs to know the dog culture of  a country, or at least the city you will be visiting, as it is to know the culture’s customs when you travel.

Traveling With Dogs – A Little Nitty Gritty

Traveling with dogs overseas means paperwork. While this can sometimes take considerable effort, Italy streamlines the paperwork process. It is easier to travel to Italy with dogs than to return home to the US with them! Be sure to reserve your seat early on international flights in the US.  Only so many dogs are allowed to fly in-cabin on any flight and carrier size and weight limits vary.  Check requirements for traveling with dogs on  all foreign airlines you may use during your vacation before you leave.  And don’t forget to get your dog’s International Health Certificate.

I enjoyed remembering my travels there and as Diane shared her stories, I imagined what it would be like to go with Tashi;)  Pop over to Animal Cafe and listen to Edie Jarolim’s interview – what a wonderful day to do some armchair traveling with dogs!


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