Pet News: 6 Posts You’ll Want to Share with Friends

by Mary Haight on September 9, 2011

I have had my head down working away and I thought, hey, I haven’t shared actual pet news or some of the interesting posts I’ve seen for much too long! Time to correct that!

  • Dr Lorie Huston gives us a heads up on an easy way to help pets affected by hurricane Irene. You’ll want to follow her links to Freekibble where you will answer a few trivia questions – your answers need not be correct for the kibble to be donated.  Halo Pets is donating the food – no meat meals, no rendered meats – woo hoo! Word got out at the last minute, or maybe Halo wanted to see how fast we all could get this news out to readers, like in 24 hrs, so we missed the 1 day deadline to make them double their offer, but your efforts still count, so go check out this pet news after you’ve read the rest here please;)


  • John Woestendiek at Ohmidog! wrote an interesting post on six degrees of separation and how social media has changed the algorithm – suddenly we are so connected, he notes, that all that connectedness might become just a little, er, uncomfortably close…is it hot in here or is it me? Always thoughtful, you can check out his Travels with Ace and pet news on unfair pit bull press for a more dogcentric read!


  • Edie Jarolim of WillMyDogHateMe? starts her story with a video from the ASPCA about puppy mills why people should never buy pet supplies at a pet shop, then walks us through a couple of related topics recently in the news, and stops at the surprising story on New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik who confessed in his recent article laziness in finding a dog for his daughter, and buys one at pet shop on Lexington Ave.  I guess he wanted pet news headlines to be about him!


  • Brent Toellner of KCDogBlog is always giving us important pet news from legislation to things like this interesting Italian academic study that measured behavioral challenges resulting when dogs are removed from litters too early, versus when they are not. Another and significant part of this study shows that dogs bought in pet shops have markedly greater issues than dogs from other sources. What a nice bit of information for Adam Gopnik!


  • This post at Animal Cafe on helping pets and people is an unauthorized (woooo) version of My 7 Links (I was invited to do this here at Dancing Dog Blog but not at Animal Cafe:) where bloggers look back and choose 7 links according to certain categories.  Full disclosure, I wrote this post, but it shares a lot of really interesting stories and even vital information in podcast interviews. If you haven’t checked it out, no time like the weekend!


  • There’s always interesting pet news, photos, and posts at Neil Brogan’s Life With Dogs, and now there’s a wonderful video on search and rescue dogs  Before The Barks 911 Search Dogs.  It shows a preview of what training these dogs go through and a tease of what special characteristics trainers look for, even at 6 weeks. That’s in Part Two I don’t know anything, but that could show up on Sunday. Certainly worth checking out.

Enjoy your weekend=)

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