Pet Adoption Photography: Game Changer for Record Adoptions?

by Mary Haight on September 20, 2011

Pet adoption photography is one of several tools important to the pace of adoptions at shelters and rescues, and is something both can learn to use more effectively to increase adoptions.  If you check out photos on Petfinder, though much better now than a few years ago, they often don’t capture your imagination.  After searching those thumbnails for awhile, what is there to make any one of them stand out?  Shelters and rescues after seeing the video below, might want to talk to their foster families and advise  how to set up new adoption-friendly photos with a little pizazz.   I know sometimes it’s tough enough just to get a good shot with natural light outside a cage,  but this clip might launch your creative juices skyward.

Use photography to enchant and engage all the potential adopters out there as Theresa Berg, a professional photographer, does.  She works pro bono (!)  for one organization and adoptions there are up 100%.  Photographers – if you can manage to charge shelters no more than cost, or even donate the work in exchange for an ad on their website (if the website is worthy of course), that would be fantastic.  Adopting a shelter could be good for business!

This theme idea for all pet adoption photography is a useful tool to step up the pace of adoptions. Why not give people what they want?  When dogs and cats look like they are well-cared for and  have a personality, people can see them as belonging in their home.  If we could all step up the pace, more homeless pets would have a better chance of getting adopted.

What do you think? If you can’t get help from any local photographers, you  might be able to locate Theresa Berg and ask if she will be conducting some “how-to” classes online! Webinars are an excellent venue – how about it Ms Berg?

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