Travelin’ Jack’s: From Shelter to Showbiz!

by Mary Haight on August 20, 2011

Travelin' Jack'sIt’s not all that often that you hear about a shelter dog that hits the jackpot…and certainly not one that is dubbed the Pet Travel Ambassador and gets voted in as Governor of a State.  Jill Lane had no such grand design in mind when she went to a shelter in search of a companion. She found this Olde English Bulldogge, a breed of its own, as a young pup in a Colorado shelter and decided Jack with was the right match for Jill.  She wanted a dog that could be her “pet travel partner” and it worked out well, since Jack loved driving in the car back to New Mexico – phew, that could have changed everything!

Jill was going to start a blog about pet-friendly hotels and thought it might be boring over time to report findings in her own voice, and decided it would be more fun and interesting to let Jack do the blogging. Travelin’ Jack’s Dog Blog started the ball rolling.  Not long after that, the Travel Guide New Mexico caught wind of the blog, thought Travelin’ Jack’s star reporter would be the perfect representative for the State’s pet travel industry, and approached Jill with the idea of an audition for a TV segment. Opportunities just kept coming!

Travelin’ Jack’s Pawprints Make Lasting Impressions for Pet-Friendly Travel

The Governor’s Conference on Tourism presented an award to Jack in 2010, the first award of its kind.  Travelin’Jack’s travels have been instrumental in changing pet travel policies in New Mexico.  He’s the spokesdog for a Hilton resort just North of Santa Fe, a place that usually has a weight limit far less than Jack’s 80 lbs, and their dog days of summer promotion eliminates the pet fee for every pet accompanied by their human.  Jack changed the policy of  a hotel that enforced breed restrictions against any dog breed with “bull” in the name. A lovely B&B in Albuquerque changed their no pets policy, and legislation was enacted this summer to allow all restaurants with “petios” to welcome pets and their people to dine al fresco.

You’ve got to get the story of Jack from Jill Lane, and check out Travelin’ Jack’s video. Edie Jarolim has the interview with Travelin’ Jack’s companion Jill, and it comes with a wonderful bit of advice: if you want to get anywhere, you have to make things happen – so, keeping that in mind, go listen to the podcast and watch the video at Animal Cafe!

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That is awesome. I am still in awe of the fact that you can stay in hotels with your pooches in other parts of the world.... if we want to take our dogs on holiday we have to camp or sort out some private arrangement with a holiday house!


I love it! The ultimate Rags to Riches story! Jack is my hero and, needless to say, the hero of my 2 four-legged companions who love to travel but are not always accepted. As the three of us watched the video at Animal Café, I was silently hoping and praying that Jack could make similar policy changes in other states around the nation. Wouldn’t it be lovely if every destination welcomed our beloved pet dogs?

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