Clean + Green, A Dog’s Best Friend

by Mary Haight on August 16, 2011

Clean + GreenClean + Green products are really a dog’s best friend, and a dog person’s too! That’s why they’ve been on this blog before.  Since it’s been a couple of years now, it’s time to remind you how well Clean + Green products work on carpets, upholstery, tile and wood floors too! No more  knee-jerk yelling at the dog when there’s an accidental puddle. The Carpet & Upholstery cleaner eliminates odor and removes stains without scrubbing or rinsing. Find a “whoops” when you get home late from work? No problem! Grab one of the specially formulated Clean + Green products made for the surface needing attention, and you’ll be done in just a few moments.

What’s great about Clean + Green is that is uses a patented encapsulation technology exclusive to the company to grab and wrap up odors, so it’s truly a “now you smell it, now you don’t” end result.  I’ve tried some other products that cover-up a smell and replace it with an unidentified but unpleasant odor. I’m happy using Clean + Green, and don’t even mind the spray since it’s pet, people and planet safe. As I’ve mentioned, I have asthma, so sprays are usually something of a spritz and run event.  With Clean + Green I don’t feel the need to do that – the ingredients are cane sugar derivatives, botanical extracts, hydrated cellulose and purified water with nitrogen as a propellent.

Clean + Green Furniture Refresher, a new-to-me product in their line, is just that – it removes pet odors and can be used on fabric, upholstery and leather. Yes, I said leather! This is an especially good product to use during wet dog season and in the Spring after having the house closed up for months. It is free of any fragrance and is handy for freshening up that pet bed…or your duvet or blankets for those who sleep with dogs on the bed;)

Clean + Green is priced right at around $7 depending on where you purchase it, in a 14 oz can. I obviously like this product line, how about you? Any experience you care to share?






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