PetcareRX Proves Rural Folk Can Relax When it Comes to Online Pet Meds

by Mary Haight on July 20, 2011

Here’s a thought – what if you lived in rural America and there was a clinic, but the medications you needed were 30 miles away? You go home, turn on the computer, and then stop and wonder “what’s safe?” This guest post talks about how to address that problem.  (Compensation has been received for reviewing, editing, and publishing this post.)

The Internet is awash with websites saying they’ll mail medicine for pets. The offer is enticing to those who live in rural communities and other places where vets are often a phone call away, but the nearest place to pickup pet medicine could be three towns over. However, online pet medication sites are not without their risks.

Many veterinarians tell pet owners to avoid online wholesale pet medicine suppliers due to the abundance of companies that operate overseas and are therefore immune from American laws prohibiting the selling of expired or faulty animal pharmaceuticals. Vets might have their own incentive to scare folks away from such places, but they aren’t lying when they say that the majority of online pet medicine suppliers should be avoided.

The service has such high potential for helping those who have limited access to pet meds that there must be a worthy online pet medicine supplier we can trust. There indeed is such a company. PetcareRx is an American-based online pet medicine supplier licensed in all 50 states and Vet-VIPPS certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. The NABP is in charge of regulating all online pharmacies and ensuring that pet pharmaceuticals sold meet FDA and EPA standards. This means you don’t have to worry about your pet receiving medicines manufactured in unregulated conditions so long as you order medicine from a company with such certification.

Another reason you can trust PetcareRX is because it’s an independent company founded by a dog lover. The COO of the company, Blake Brossman, started it in the wake of his beloved Rottweiler Lou suffering from maladies Blake was unable to help alleviate due to the inability to afford both medicine and pricey visits to the vet clinic. When Lou died, Blake was determined to make sure other pet owners never had to endure the guilt of not being financially able to do everything they can for their adopted family members.

When you’re in the country, you’re no stranger to sick animals. It can be a costly process keeping a creature healthy. When living in a rural community, you’re also no stranger to the tendency to accept a loyal dog or cat as one of your own. You always want the best for those you love, and access and cost should never have to be factored into the equation. When buying pet meds online, you must always exercise caution and remember there’s at least one name you can count on.

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