FIDO Friendly & Betty White – Dogs Never Had It So Good!

by Mary Haight on July 16, 2011

Betty White knows something about GoldenFIDO Friendly Anniversaries, and FIDO Friendly’s 50th (Golden)  Anniversary issue has her gracing the cover with a Golden Retriever. There could not have been a better choice: both FIDO Friendly and Betty White are Golden “club members” who are all about having dogs experience their best life!

What a great occasion to talk to FIDO Friendly writer, social media and PR Director, Carol Bryant.  Edie Jarolim, Animal Cafe’s pet travel correspondent, got the story on how pet travel has progressed  over the years.  When it comes to separating the real dog-friendly hotels and getaways from those who just say they are, Carol and her Cocker Spaniel Dexter sniff out the best and leave the rest.

FIDO Friendly – Pet Trends in Lifestyle and Travel

Carol Bryant has been traveling with dogs for 16 years and shares the changes she’s seen over that period.  While there are still places that only tolerate pets even as they call themselves “pet-friendly”, Carol is more interested in cutting through the slogans.  The thing I thought was most endearing was that she looks at hotels and B&Bs from Dexter’s point of view and wonders…what would his Disneyland be like? That’s a wonderful way to think about it!

You should know that FIDO Friendly only reviews travel destinations which Carol and Dexter have experienced, so you know you are getting the real thing!

Whether you are “glamping” (glamorous camping) or choosing high-end hotels, Carol notes that catering to the dogs is markedly different than what was available even five years ago.  Options run the gamut from amenities like gourmet pet menus, doggy daycare on site, massage, special treats – I’m wondering when they will provide the fluffy white Turkish robes; perhaps someone already has?  And what about that “glamping” – is there a dog version of s’mores?

FIDO Friendly – More Than Pet Travel

FIDO Friendly magazine is about much more than pet travel, covering health & wellness, home, community, new products, lifestyle trends. Carol announced the *new* website should be out just about as this goes to print, and with it a new pet adoption effort will showcase an adoptable pet. Each issue will have a pet that has been given a makeover and a professional photograph – all the better for prospective adopters to see the beauty in each face!  Very FIDO Friendly!

You can hear Edie’s interview with Carol Bryant, now at Animal Cafe – and you should, not just because there’s a Save a Dog contest with $1500 in dog goodies, but because there’s a great story about a dog-welcoming hotel in Maine that will make you smile.


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