Ebay: Stop Selling Pets -101,000 Signatures

by Mary Haight on July 19, 2011

Ebay has not stopped selling pets through their Classified Ads. We learned ofEbay this practice back in February, and in case you need your memory jogged, here’s the background and commentary on the Ebay outlet for puppy mill sales .  It is especially sad to hear that nothing substantive has been done after all the claims of good corporate citizenry that came from Ebay officials after they shut down dog auctions.

Change.org has 101,000 signatures from every Tom, Dick, and Mary, asking Ebay to quit this practice. After initially fiddling with words in the pets for sale area about “safeguarding” the animals, what Ebay has done is not merely mislead customers, but they have actively participated in false advertising by claiming that no seller has a history of non-compliance with the USDA. That is not the whole truth. What Ebay is not revealing to their customers is that sales on the internet are not governed by the USDA – or any other regulatory agency.

While Ebay is busy trying to lead their customers away from the truth, the community at large wants to keep shedding light. How many signatures will it take? If you haven’t already signed the petition, please do. And check out Stephanie Feldstein’s post for other ways to share this news with friends and followers.

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