Earthbath Grooming Wipes – Accidental Product Review

by Mary Haight on July 11, 2011

EarthbathWhen I chatted with Earthbath CEO Paul Armstrong at an HH Backer Pet Products show last October, I spotted their Grooming Wipes, a hypoallergenic and fragrance free product, and finally bought a package in January. Why “accidental” product review?  Well – imagine my surprise:  I discovered the grooming wipes package tucked in a decorative ceramic bowl where I keep household receipts. There were 5 or 6 Earthbath wipes remaining in this package of 28 – and when I opened the sticky label seal, the wipe I pulled out was still completely moist…as if I bought them today.  That *never* happens with the baby wipes I sometimes use on Tashi – the moisture evaporates which is annoying and wasteful. Not so with this Earthbath product that can be used for touch-ups or as a bath alternative.

Earthbath – 100% Guaranteed

Earthbath makes an alcohol-free product and it’s great to carry in the car (or on a plane) when traveling with your dog.  And here’s something I forgot, all their products are 100% guaranteed so if the wipes *had* dried out they would replace them – OMD – but if you just add some water (so says the website), the wipes are refreshed and get the job done.

Earthbath wipes are perfect for daily use on muddy or dry, dusty feet, with aloe and vitamin E.  Hawaiian Awapuhi conditions and cleans the coat when baths are not possible – good for cleaning bottoms, too.  It’s not sticky or greasy to the touch and is lanolin-free.

The back of the Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Wipes package does say it (the package) keeps the towels moist, but I am conditioned to not take those claims as truth. Even if I believed it, I would not expect the moistness to last for more than 6 months after the seal has been opened!

That’s when I recalled how much I like Earthbath products and the CEO who keeps quality at the forefront. The grooming wipes are made in the USA(!) and are safe for animals over 6 weeks old according to Earthbath.

A happy accident, and a Happy 15th Birthday,  Earthbath:) Check out the Earthbath website for all their products.  Amazon has the wipes available at $5.

(Photo: Dog & Cat photo by Rachel Hale)

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