Animal Welfare League: Pets Pant in Summer Heat – A/C Theft

by Mary Haight on July 1, 2011

Animal Welfare League is asking for help. There was a notice from Steve Dale on Facebook – the airAnimal Welfare League conditioning units were trashed for copper parts, leaving 100 dogs and cats at Animal Welfare League without cooling just when the summer is getting nasty. It was 91 today, and the humidity is rising.

Police report that these kinds of crimes are on the rise, even window air-conditioners are targeted.  This may be a national, not just a local problem, given speculation by some enforcement officials of a recession-based crime wave.

Animal Welfare League Theft

The Animal Welfare League theft was discovered Thursday night after an event was held on the premises.  The rooms were getting uncomfortably warm, and when someone checked on the units,  authorities were notified.

Friday morning large fans were brought in to circulate the air, but the stress of heat and humidity can threaten animals’ lives. Air exchange is a very important factor in keeping animals healthy and preventing the spread of disease. An updated report said that volunteers brought in three  a/c units to bring temporary relief.

100 cats and dogs need some heroes to step forward – who do you know who could provide air conditioning units for the Animal Welfare League building? According to the NBC report, Susan Naiden, Founder of Trio Animal Foundation, got a quote of $25,000 (omd!) to replace the two commercial units. Maybe a company with several sites in the area could step forward, maybe some grant-making organizations could  put up matching funds – but there’s a time issue and health concern here.  Fundraising is not always a quick process.

There is also a need for better security at Animal Welfare League which is another immediate expense.  Please donate what you can at the Animal Welfare League’s donation page.

Shelters out there take note – protect your property, check insurance policies to see what is and is not covered.



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