Animal Welfare League: Pets Feel the Heat Update

by Mary Haight on July 7, 2011

Animal Welfare LeagueThis afternoon I was listening to WGN AM radio while stuck in traffic and heard John Williams talk about the Animal Welfare League theft of their air-conditioning and how there was as yet no permanent solution.

I am so glad for the 100 animals and the Animal Welfare League that he noticed and cared enough to raise funds on his show for two hours! Guess what? They had raised $800 after the first news break, which he said (on air) made him *very* nervous, but then the party started and the tally was $11,000 after the second news break! When they were just half an hour away from the end of the fundraising, they had $19,000+.

When the two hours were nearly up, they had a call from the Chicago Blackhawks, who do a lot of great things for animals in this town, and they donated $1500 and asked their fans to join in. When the show was near it’s end, they had $21,000 and change with money still coming in! WOW! The power of radio:)

What a happy ending for the Animal Welfare League! With this money and the other donations that have come in from everywhere they should be able to not only have a new a/c system, but get a good security system to prevent this from happening again!

Ha! How appropriate for summer – turning lemons into lemonade…

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