Pet Friendly Travel with Dogs

by Mary Haight on May 17, 2011

Pet friendly travelPet friendly travel means different things in different places. Because of that fact, when you travel with dogs, winging it is not an option; you’ll find you won’t get very far before you hit a roadblock.  Some help and expert advice is required.  Where do you go, who do you talk to about all the little details that go into planning a weekend get-away or a weeks-long vacation with your dogs?  Edie Jarolim, author/blogger at Will My Dog Hate Me , interviewed Rod and Amy Burkert, experts in pet friendly travel, to give us some insight.

The Burkerts have traveled with dogs through 30 States in their RV.  Buster, a Shepherd mix, and Tye,  a Sharpei, are bigger dogs.  The Burkerts have experienced both the usual weight limit restrictions in hotels, and the less usual breed ban issues with their Shepherd in parks and campgrounds. See what I mean? Pet friendly travel, not always what you might expect!

I had not thought that campgrounds would have such restrictions.  It would really put a damper on a good vacation to be driving most of the day to find your destination has a ban on your dog’s breed when you’re tired and want to sleep – only one of the many reasons you want to check out Rod and Amy’s Go Pet Friendly website, and their blog, Take Paws.   I’ve always had a great time being an armchair traveler on their journeys across the US. 

Edie had fun with this interview and you will too – check it out at Animal Cafe and join us for a chat with Rod and Amy Burkert Wednesday, 9pm Eastern. You can get their in-depth personal take on what’s pet-friendly travel and what isn’t when you stop by the Chat Cafe – see you there!


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