Pet Care “Tell All” Book by Dr Marty Becker, Secrets You Want to Hear!

by Mary Haight on May 31, 2011

Dr. Marty Becker was generous in his interview with Dr. Lorie Huston, offering lots ofpet care  interesting, new pet care tips and information that will change how and when you do some things for your dog. Sharing secrets is something usually done between friends. Dr. Becker treats his audience of pet lovers like  friends – maybe that’s one reason they call him “America’s Veterinarian”! The interview is a great introduction to his new book. Don’t miss it!

Hundreds of  secrets for keeping your dog healthy and solutions to common pet care problems are what Dr. Becker’s new book, Your Dog: The Owner’s Manual  is all about. The interview is your “teaser”, a really interesting, timely sharing of pet care tips.  There are some solutions I’ll be putting to good use right now in this allergy season!

Pet Care History Tidbits

It was also fascinating to hear how much veterinarian training has changed, and how vets were once taught that animals felt no pain – good thing the place of pets in our culture has changed. It was a great discussion!

I was seriously surprised by a couple of things I heard on pet care in Huston’s interview with Dr. Marty Becker, and think you’ll have a similar reaction – give this podcast a listen at Animal Cafe and share it with your friends. I bet they will thank you!  And *save the date* for the live chat, tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1st at 9pm Eastern in the Chat Cafe.

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