Pet Adoption Contest: Dog Trainers Promote Adoption

by Mary Haight on May 23, 2011

Our last pet adoption contest video was perhaps a little too spectacular an example of what you can do using the “Easy Button” to promote dog adoption.  I mean, come on, most people don’t have whales, especially such a  cute Beluga whale, swimming around waiting for an on-camera opportunity!

Here’s a more down to earth example of a submission to the easy button pet adoption contest.  Show off your dog’s skills and help get shelter dogs adopted. What trainer wouldn’t want to show everyone their talent and participate in helping homeless dogs? I’ve heard the contest deadline has been extended, so you do have the time to figure out a winning routine. The rules and prizes are listed on the US Bones site. Send in your happy pet adoption promotion video to win the contest.

Tell me what you think of this one! How effective would be it as a vehicle for getting the message out about pet adoption?

Noodles’ Easy Button Video from Evan Singer on Vimeo.

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