Pet Adoption Campaigns – Whales Agree, Rescue Dogs Using the Easy Button!

by Mary Haight on May 6, 2011

Pet adoption campaigns and Whales – what?? The Easy Button contest I’m judging suddenly doesn’t look so easy!  A few weeks ago I announced the pet adoption training contest “Dogs Get Rescued by the Easy Button” created and organized by trainer Chris Dignan at The Dog Saving Network.

Staples and US Bones are backing this great idea for pet adoption with prizes!  The training contest is based on using Staples Easy Button in your video. Spreading the message of pet adoption with clever videos by having trainers showing off their talents helps dogs help other dogs get adopted! What’s more fun for a contest than that?  After all the training and filming is over, you’ve created something that is going to live on, spreading the message of adoption, and having people take action on that message!

A more creative positive approach to pet adoption campaigns has already had an impact – we’ve seen it with the Shelter Pet Project, and a few others. And from Edie Jarolim’s plea in her popular series on this topic: “pet adoption videos that don’t make me want to kill myself”, it’s clear people want something more than to cry about about a problem.

The Easy Button animal training contest is open and underway – it’s all about putting the focus on pet adoption through creative video presentations! Each video must have the message to adopt. Okay, trainers and filmmakers, don’t get nervous – this video is not eligible to win.  But, wow, let it guide you into being a part of this project – it ‘s a beauty!

Even a Whale Thinks Pet Adoption is the Right Choice! from The Dog Saving Network on Vimeo.

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