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by Mary Haight on May 10, 2011

Baby & Dog

Dogs and babies meet – there are so many opportunities to begin your child’s lifelong love of dogs with the right connection, yet there’s so much that can go wrong!  Eric Goebelbecker hosts Jen Shryock of Dogs and Storks, dedicated to integrating dogs and babies lives for the ultimate in pet safety. Don’t miss this interview! 

So many dogs are given up to shelters because parents don’t always know how their dogs see and relate to the world around them. With a new baby on the way, parents get scared and imagine they won’t be able to handle it. Dogs and Storks is a wonderful resource to help new parents plan ahead, showing them just how their dogs and babies can thrive together. There is so much more noise and activity, schedule changes, weird smells… yes,  well.  Babies cry and scream, pets get marginalized, are often confused as to what they should be doing since schedules get interrupted often. Families need this help.

A lot of thought goes into preparing your dog for the new baby. Jen Shryock talks about her own three dogs, a pitbull, a German Shepherd, and a Husky, their personalities and needs regarding kids, giving a good example that balancing the needs of three big active dogs, and a toddler is not impossible. Shryock created The Dog and Baby Connection, to take the next step in helping families when babies become toddlers and start running through the house.

Pet safety in and around the home between dogs and babies as they both grow older is a matter of understanding that these relationships are an ever-changing dynamic.  Being aware is part of being prepared.

There are opportunities to represent these two organizations as a volunteer, and help families keep their dogs and babies safe.  Listen to the podcast at Animal Cafe and come to the Chat Cafe to meet Jen Shryock tomorrow, May 11, Wednesday night, 9pm Eastern.  Hey, you might ask your local shelter or rescue contact to come along – this is exactly the information they need to help people find solutions to their problems and  keep dogs in their homes!

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