Dog Food So Good Even People Eat It!

by Mary Haight on May 24, 2011

Who wouldn’t want a taste of dog food like this? Angus steak, slow roasted pork, pearl barley, roasted squash, New Zealanddog food Lamb, broccoli, carrots, russet potatoes…all mouth-watering items found on a good restaurant menu, all items on the menu at Chef K9’s Doggy Bistro and Bakery. Using restaurant quality foods as the basis for all their recipes, chefs taste the dog food prepared for their customers, just as fine dining establishments do.  Here’s something you may not have heard before – each order is specially prepared for your dog’s particular needs.

Because each dog is different, each dog food recipe is tailored to your dog’s breed, age, gender, and other metrics. Chef Craig has ten years of culinary experience as a chef for humans, and has a degree in nutrition and fitness.  He also has on staff a canine nutritionist with decades of experience.  With those credentials, you know you’ve got a winning skills.  This is where you can get a dog food that your fussy eater or your food-allergic dog will dig in with good results, according to all the testimonials.  There are special diets for dogs with medical issues and the Chef will also work with your vet for optimal results.

Don’t feel left out if your dog is a mixed breed. Chez Craig Zeleznik, owner and head chef at Chef K9’s Doggy Bistro and Bakery, has an answer for that…just listen to the podcast below. Hint: It does not involve testing your dog’s genetics.

We can’t finish without mentioning the dessert, uh, pastries, er, dog treats.  It’s hard to call themhealthy dog food that when you see a couple photos:)  Yes, they have regular handmade dog treats with spinach and Wisconsin cheese, peanut butter, and many other flavors, but I thought I’d pass along the smile I got from the photo to the right.

Chef Craig has been creating good looking, great tasting, healthy, and interesting textures in dog food for seven years at his place in Pompano Beach, FL.  He ships to clients nationwide, with guaranteed freshness that lasts without preservatives, meat meals, colorings, or by-products. Hmmm, how does he do that? Listen in!

Chef Zeleznik will join us at Animal Cafe Wednesday night, May 26th, 9pm Eastern to answer your questions and talk about dog food – hope to see you in our Chat Cafe then!

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