Dog Blog Update

by Mary Haight on May 14, 2011

Dog blogs take updating, and I’ve been absent for most of the week. I thought I’d mention that I did write up some news on BTC4 Animals Monday, sending out one more call for signatures on the petition to wipe the KG Dogfighting app, and with any luck others like it, from the pages of Google. I know it may seem impossible to some, but if you haven’t run across a dog blog asking you to consider signing the petition to Google, here’s your opportunity.

I posted here on Dancing Dog Blog Tuesday, and then had a post at BlogPaws Thursday, with a review of what’s been going on over at Animal Cafe.  Take a look at the recap, and at what’s coming up – you might want to drop by the Chat Cafe with questions for guests!  Next time, I’ll let you know what I’m up to in real time;)


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