Pet Food, What’s In It?

by Mary Haight on April 26, 2011

Pet food ingredients can confuse most of us much of the time.  What exactly is “meat meal” — is that like mystery meat?  Propylene glycol — hey, what’s that doing in there? That’s listed in anti-freeze as a less toxic (not a non-toxic) to pets alternative. It makes dog food kibble soft instead of crunchy and is cheaper than sugar , which would do the same job.  Sugar isn’t good for pets, yet it’s  found in kibble.  Confused yet?  Are pet food companies being straight with us about what’s in the bag?

Animal Cafe’s weekly chat with “those in the know” turns the spotlight on Truth About Pet Food author Susan Thixton, who steps in to explain what’s in pet food.  Thixton has been investigating pet food ingredients for more than a decade also looking at chemical additives and processes that introduce toxics into the food.  She also tells us why the FDA makes no move to ban this practice even though this recycling of diseased animal parts is forbidden by the Food and Cosmetics Act. 

How do we know if ingredients in pet food will help pets live their longest and best lives, or if it will ultimately harm them? Tune in to Animal Cafe and listen to the podcast interview. Presented in two parts for your convenience, you’ll find some really interesting information and food for thought:) Join us Wednesday night, April 27, 9 EST in the Chat Cafe for questions, answers, and a general discussion that should clear up much of the confusion around this topic.

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