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by Mary Haight on April 5, 2011

Anthony Holloway is no stranger to this blog, and is well-reputed in the pet industry – more importantly, his customers *love* him! And they tell all their friends about his service:)

His company, K9 Cuisine, grew out of a simple need to get decent food for his own dogs, especially for Daisy who was allergic to grains.  He lived in a rural area and could not find a company that was consistent in foods they carried or that delivered bags that had not been breached. He started K9 Cuisine as a result, and it has doubled in growth year after year – so much so he has given up setting growth projections. He says he’s always wrong!

Oh, and Anthony has a secret.  At least he tries to keep this quiet – you won’t generally hear about it – Holloway doesn’t like to talk about the good things he does for animals, but he and his family are great supporters of rescue.  As I gathered in one of my discussions with him, they pick and choose where their giving efforts will go according to the greatest good, and have generously donated during all kinds of disasters from floods to fires, in poverty stricken areas and beyond. 

You can listen to Dr. Lorie Huston’s  interview with Anthony at Animal Cafe, and take note of the recent tool he has added to his website to provide even more service and a new level of transparency to his customers. Ask Anthony what he thinks about food quality – he will tell you! Check out the interview and join us on Wednesday at 9pm in the Chat Cafe. This is someone you should know!

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