Dog Fighting App “Dog Wars” Changes Name – Still On Google

by Mary Haight on April 30, 2011

Dog fighting is not a game. “Dog Wars” for Google android smart phones was recently offered, teaching dog fighting through game characters, and has brought a riot of well-deserved angry, mad, sad, frustrated posts, slapping Google for going back on their word to “do no evil” in what they allowed for sale on their apps page.  It has left some wondering: Is there nothing the opportunity to make money won’t allow?  What’s next, crush videos?

Many, especially the makers, will say “it’s just a game.”  Well, no, in fact if you listen to it you would not think that. People who say that are wrong.  While this abusive, sick, dog fighting Google android smartphone app had been pulled temporarily for copyright infringement on the name, it’s back with a new name, “KG Dogfighting”. One of the dog fighter gamers found it so useful, he wrote a companion video (see it at link below).  I will not give a link to that content here.  It points out dogs from known fighting lines that have puppies available. Kage Games also has a companion app for KG Dogfighting called “Dog Bucks”.

Speech is not free, as much as we like to think it is. We can’t shout something in public that will cause panic leading to harm. Hate speech is a crime, being complicit in breaking the law is a crime. Dog fighting is against the law in 50 States. Why would those principles not apply here?

Dog fighting kills.  This Google app, by whatever name, is a tutorial offering advice on how to breed, train a dog to fight, even offers unqualified medical advice to feed your dog steriods, and how to teach dogs to kill.  Not only should Google ban the app and all others like it from their sales page, someone ought to take those who who wrote it to court.  They are nothing if not criminals and accessories to multiple crimes and sentencing for dog fighting should be tough.

The LAPD Union Chief spoke against “Dog Wars” dog fighting app,  in an article by Andrew Blankstein in the LA Times.  American Humane, ASPCA, Steve Dale of WGN radio and syndicated Tribune columnist, Alicia Silverstone have all gone to print against this app – even Michael Vick made a statement.  A sea of bloggers have written passionately to push Kage Games, the perpetrators of this reprehensible dog fighting killing game, off the Google map. In a letter to the NY Times, this company worked hard to spin the facts, claiming they were dog lovers (!) and their dog fighting app would educate the public about the problems of animal abuse.  Ugh!

Looks like Google needs to slap themselves for allowing this to pass inspection – and then come back again! In fact, I can’t believe there has been no word on the subject. If you have heard otherwise, please share. The dog fighting app teaches torture and abuse of dogs by pumping them up on steriods, thowing them in the fight ring to live or die, and should fall easily under Google’s “do no evil” statement. Ya think? Help them realize their life-ending decision is wrong.  Sign this petition, please! It takes 1 minute – 60 seconds to have one less easy, portable source to encourage dog fighting.



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