Dog Abuse Penalties and Political Football

by Mary Haight on April 11, 2011

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Blogger pal Dr Lorie Huston posted something that caught my eye concerning harsher penalties for animal abuse.  While Lorie’s post references a specific instance of cruelty, the idea reminded me of a recent move in Pennsylvania to weaken the landmark anti-cruelty laws focused on commercial breeding mills. PA Republicans are suddenly worried about how the 2008 law that prevents cruelty in puppy factory farms by requiring  food, water, walks, fresh air, veterinarian services, and no wire mesh cage flooring might be eating into commercial puppy mills profit margins.  Aren’t we all tired of these kinds of decisions being made because money has changed hands? Puppies should not be used as political footballs.

House resolution 89 is sponsored by: Rep. Gordon Denlinger (R-99), Rep. Jim Cox (R-129), Rep. Mark Keller (R-86), Rep. Brad Roae (R-6), Rep. Bryan Cuttler (R-100) Let them know what you think of their maneuvering if you are so inclined.

Twisting legislation until its original intent is stymied, finally serving not the animals and people intended, but merely a few political donors has got to stop.  I know – it’s a lot to ask.  Why ask then? Giving voice to what we see as wrong is important. It can often be the beginning of the end of fraud, cruelty, abuse – shenanigans of all stripe.

Regulations regarding humidity, temperature, and ventilation go into effect in July. It appears this bill is not only a stall for puppy mills, which will need to run air conditioning and dehumidifiers, but the beginning of an effort to gut the law that so many people concerned about humane treatment worked so hard to get passed.  If you’d like to take action, check out the ASPCA advocacy page.

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