Traveling With Dogs, Mary-Alice Pomputius at Animal Cafe

by Mary Haight on March 22, 2011

Louis Vuitton Dog @ Atatürk Airport

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Edie Jarolim’s interview with Mary Alice Pomputius of Dog Jaunt, gets to the heart of the matter of traveling with your dog – how do you let your dog “go” when they need to “go” and you can’t find the dog potty station at the airport? This and many other essential questions will be answered for your edification=)  Spring is nearly here, and I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get out of town and would love to take Tashi with me. 

This Wednesday’s Animal Cafe topic takes up the timely proposition of organizing your vacation to include your dog. Why leave Chloe home alone when you and your dog can enjoy vacationing together? It might be less expensive depending on your destination…no more guilt about the dog plus the added pleasure of their company! 

Pomputius has a corner on the particulars of pet travel. She held a contest and the giveaway was a most fabulous underseat airline approved carrier that was not just good looking, but was designed to allow the dog to stretch out front and back legs with simple flip out flaps at both ends of the carrier bag…the “Sleepypod” as some of you may recall. Pomputius is known for her exact measurements of carrier bags and of underseat measurements by airline, which saves many the trouble, expense, and time of buying/using the wrong carrier bag with the wrong airline. Regulations are stringent. She is equally thorough when rounding up information on airport doggie pit stops, and pet-friendly establishments.  

Air travel can be complicated with stopovers and long or delayed flights, finding airport relief areas, etc., and information from Pomputius on what you need to know and what you can bring to ease the challenges along the way are valuable currency in the traveling with dogs world!  Start planning that family vacation with the whole family this year! Come and chat with Mary-Alice Pomputius at the Chat Cafe, Wednesday, 9pm Eastern, and get your questions on pet travel answered. 


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