Cesar Millan, Abuse is Not A Training Tool

by Mary Haight on March 21, 2011

A dog ate Cesar Millan's book

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Update: The video has been wiped for copyright claims-again. I imagine it will resurface at some point. Update 4/1: new link to video posted below with thanks to Vicky:)

I don’t know how this video at the end of the post passes as “training” in any circles, nor why National Geographic would let these examples of abuse stand as acceptable dog training practice, compounding the wrong by allowing them to be aired for public consumption. Money changes everything?

The video shows Millan, over and over again with different dogs, kicking them. Millan says he doesn’t “kick” the dog but uses his foot to distract/correct–the sounds or extreme movement coming from most of the dogs leads me to believe otherwise.  When he is facing the back end of the dog I see that kick going to the groin. Thanks to Steve Dale at his Chicago Now blog for bringing this up and for the video.

This is not science, it is absolutely not an acceptable training practice, in fact it has nothing to do with training and everything to do with abusive practices. Like the kick to the snout of dog where an editing job had to be done…but you can see the after effects as the dogs head lifts sharply upwards and he backs away. 

Where are the watchdog groups to prevent cruelty to animals?  Why have they not stepped up to put a stop to it – at least make their voices, and ours, heard loud and clear at National Geographic – even if it is not technically a film. Did I miss the announcement of a lawsuit? Is there a current petition somewhere?  Many vets and all positive reinforcement trainers take a negative position on these wrong-headed methods for correcting dogs. Why is this kind of abuse of animals on television at all, and being supported by National Geographic?   

I would never allow anyone to do this to my dog in the name of “teaching” him anything. Would you? (Thanks to jimmylovesdogs at you-tube for uploading this – again!) And since this video has been taken down at YouTube, here’s a link to another (sorry, it’s not open to embedding) from reader Vikidobe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSkYVwZKMSs

See Dr. Sophia Yin’s post on the dominance controversy for more

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