Animal Cafe: How Does the IAABC Help Dogs?

by Mary Haight on March 8, 2011

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Eric Goebelbecker interviews Marjie Alonso, President of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) on Animal Cafe and answers the question of how this organization helps dogs and other animals, their mission, and touches on the luminaries who will be speaking at the  April conference near Providence, R.I.  

Not yet a household name, this organization is a combination of companion animal behavior professionals and enthusiasts who have been working together to offer standards for certification on behavior modification, and the attendant continuing education efforts.  They also offer information to dog owners who need specific help by a professional in their area – shelters and rescues take note. This kind of training, as we know, can keep dogs in homes rather than being dropped off at a shelter. 

The April 1st conference sounds like it will be amazing with all the Northeast veterinary behaviorists attending, Brenda Aloff speaks on horses and negative reinforcement, Dr. Frank McMillan from Best Friends on psychological trauma in animals, PTSD, and the psychological aspects of abuse, Dr. Nicholas Dodman from Tufts on compulsive behaviors across species, Steve Dale is giving a talk on cats and enrichment in shelter work, and there are  many more excellent speakers.  

Listen to the podcast – there’s a clicker training talk on how to retrain pullers – for dogs and horses!  I remember a neighbor’s dog got loose, a terrible puller – a 110# Lab who had never been taught anything – I was in a sweat after I walked the quarter mile to get him back to his house.   

The conversation with Marjie Alonso at Animal Cafe  will be held in the Chat Room this Wednesday night March 9, at 9 pm Eastern. It will be a lot of fun and very informative across a wide-range of topics!  If you can’t pack your bags and go, come join us and pick her brain! I’ve got several questions in mind already, how about you? 

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