African Wild Dog Pups Update, Brookfield Zoo

by Mary Haight on March 19, 2011

An endangered species, African wild dogs pups , were born at Brookfield Zoo (their photo below) at the end of November last year. Now that they’ve had a couple of months private timewith mom Kim, they were released to greet the outside smells and sounds they had heard so much of, but had never seen – and boy did they grow…look at the difference! A big “awww” for a Saturday video(below)!  And here’s a quote with a little insight about these “painted” wild dogs’ social order from the Chicago Zoological Society :

African wild dogs have a social structure similar to wolves’ social structure but seem to be gentler within their pack. Some social carnivores keep the peace by using aggressive posturing to keep subordinates in line, whereas wild dogs seem to do the opposite. Exaggerated submissive posturing and greeting ceremonies reinforce the pack social structure. Each pack has a dominant male and female, but all adult members help raise pups and care for sick or elderly members of the group.

For those of you in the area or visiting Chicago, Brookfield Zoo opens today! Look at the pattern of the coats on these dogs. No two are alike.

For an aerial view of how a pack runs in the wilds of Africa, check out the video from Planet Earth over at  AVTPlanet. (For more sensitive viewers be aware the pack is on a hunt for food and they are successful.)

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