Wordless Wednesday – Snowmaggedon on Lake Shore Drive

by Mary Haight on February 2, 2011

I’ve been absent lately, but am working on a project as one of the Bark Out Loud Radio hosts and we have our first show Monday night. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow! In the meantime, take a look at Lake Shore Drive the day after – this was shot by NBC’s Sky 5 chopper the day after, for obvious reasons.  As many as 900  cars had to be towed. No one will be required to pay for towing and storage since the City elected to keep LSD open.  It does make me wonder what people were thinking.  There were multi-media warnings that waves could hit 20′, so electing to drive along the coast of the lake after the storm started?  Well…we all make mistakes.  Bet these people won’t try this one again.  (No animals were hurt in the filming of this segment.  They had the good sense to stay home!)

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Oh for goodness sake - 900 cars?!? Silly people. I hope you and Tashi are having more success coping with all the snow.

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