Review: Tropiclean – Fresh Doggie Breath Is A Treat!

by Mary Haight on February 5, 2011

A package of Tropiclean Fresh Breath Made Easy Treats arrived for review. When I opened the bag, the aroma really packed a punch–I could easily see how doggy bad breath would be whisked away with this heavy duty mint mix!

Tashi knew this bag of goodies was his, and was all over me, sniffing and wagging his tail.  The ingredients reminded me of a healthy handmade treat with parsley dill and mint Tashi once had, but of course the texture is different.  No crumbs and very gum-like.  The treat was flexible as I broke it in half. Tashi took  the half with gusto and started chewing…and had to keep chewing!  It was funny to watch, but all that chewing released minty freshness vaguely reminiscent of Altoids.  The only thing I would mention is that I kept the treats for months and a couple of them lost their flexibility, were hard to break, and I felt the edges were too sharp to let my dog have them.  Like any treat, they don’t or at least they shouldn’t keep forever!

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Treats are made in US and “pet-friendly” treats is imprinted on the back of the bag.  The main ingredients are dill, spearmint, and parsley and the treats are low in fat.

Also reviewed, the Fresh Mint Foam you can pump directly onto your pet’s teeth. Just lift the gums and pump directly onto the teeth and gums. No food  for 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after application.  This is very easy to apply, much like the gel, and it adheres to the teeth, so the dog’s tongue can move it around.

The host of products that Tropiclean has developed gives you all kinds of choices to keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath sweet smelling by removing bacteria. I previously reviewed the Clean Teeth Gel Kit and dental health for pets which helped Tashi out with his discolored back teeth.  Veterinarians are using it in their practices according to the manufacturer, and recommending it, not in place of deep cleaning of course, but as an at-home grooming regimen that helps stave off dental problems until your next appointment.  Bad breath can be a health warning, so consult with your vet.

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