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by Mary Haight on February 22, 2011

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Pet news seems to have themes sometimes – you go from blog to blog and you see a kind of continuity in the conversation. Each blog has a piece of the puzzle.  Maybe it’s just me.  A couple of weeks ago pit bulls were being discussed everywhere; this past week a variety of animal welfare issues in general got some good coverage. Here are some of the stories I didn’t get a chance to share.  

I was more than a little shocked. First there was the story in Huffington Post from AP on 10,000 stray dogs in Kyrgyezstan to be shot for lack of $300,ooo to kennel them. Ten men will do the job. Ten. While this was a sad, maddening commentary on life and the status of dogs in Bishkek,  this is what shocked me:  There are 10,000 stray dogs that have become a public health issue in St Louis, Missouri!  Reported in December, the crackdown was scheduled to start early this year. St Louis has been in trouble for years with stray dogs. Lack of a human/dog bond by the segment of the  population putting the dogs out onto the streets may have more than a little to do with this. I could be mistaken. How many years does it take to change something so profoundly ingrained in a culture, to find that missing link of connection?  

Next a post on behavior from Debbie Jacobs of Fearfuldogs and how shy dogs need constructive correction, not punishment, when their actions are unacceptable. To change the behavior, she says, we must help them solve the problem and find acceptable alternatives that work for both the dog and the people.  Punishing does not offer solutions and creates a false “fix”, she explains, noting that suppressed behaviors can lead to escalating violent responses.  Jacobs’s blog is the “go-to” blog for people with fearful dogs. A bonus: the writing is great!  

Deborah Flick at Boulder Dog ran a post on infomation for shelters and rescues that there were as yet open grants available from Pedigree Foundation for 2011. The innovation grant  ranges from $10-$25,000, and the tough to find and land operations grants are also available, but are smaller. Check out her link for more information!  

Brent Toellner of KC Dog Blog reminds people of Illinois that today there will be a vote, HB 1080, on repealing the State’s ban on breed specific legislation – hey, who voted this  legislator in?? Why is the minority creating the agenda? Call your representative, tell them what you think, or perhaps tone it down so they listen to you…  

And since we’re in the neighborhood, you should know that Chicago has a new Ambassador in town. That’s right, and while he may have diplomatic immunity, he’s too fair-minded to use it! Steve Dale is the new National Ambassador to the American Humane Society. Congratulations, Steve – you are the perfect person for the job!  

And we’ll end with a laugh or two and thanks to twitter pal Laurie Hosken who brought this to my attention – enjoy:)  

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