PBS on Vick’s Pit Bulls; Denver’s Town Council

by Mary Haight on February 8, 2011

PBS had another excellent story on Vick’s Pit Bulls and their recovery and adoption through the auspices of Bad Rap that Brent Toellner  posted at his KC Dog Blog Denver’s Town Council had a meeting that was mentioned with a link in a comment from the National Canine Research Council  at Edie Jarolim‘s blog.  Town council meetings are generally pretty boring, but listening to how fear, suspicion, and hubris about State’s rights vs. the Federal Government’s Americans’ with Disabilities Act guided the proceedings was instructive.  The giving ’til it hurts of  Bad Rap, and the hurting ’til it gives of Denver’s Town Council – quite a study in contrasts.

I suggest going to Brent’s blog first, because the PBS production is such a breath of fresh air.  Then check out Denver’s Town Council meeting , at about the 14 minute mark (thanks, Edie!) on, in part, what legal means could be used to make sure Denver doesn’t have to adhere to the Federal ADA law, allowing pit bull service dogs into their communities – after all, who says service dogs are real or the disability is real…are you *kidding* me?  The City Attorney reminded the members that *that* conversation should be held in private.

Oh, and the voice of the people in the form of public comments to the Town Council was not allowed.  Why am I surprised? Of course, the citizens voted these medieval crusaders into office.  Run, scurry, flee those of you who still know how to discern right from wrong, employ critical thinking, and who understand the difference between fact and opinion. “Re-education” may be next.  I say that not out of sarcasm – well, not *only* out of sarcasm – but rather based on the timidity shown by several members of that Council who appeared nervous and/or afraid to go against this wholesale practice of killing pit bulls – one in particular had given a little speech pro the dogs and how they had a bad rap, then turned around and voted to uphold the ordinance!  Take a look – do you see what I see?  Maybe this profound and insistent  ignorance has driven me over the edge…

One more thing…

Here’s something worth your time – take a look at the podcasts Eric Goebelbecker has created for the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). There was a great interview with Steve Dale, syndicated columnist for the Tribune, WGN radio host, certified dog and cat trainer, and his newest with Brian Hare from Duke University, Canine Cognition Center, talking about studying dog psychology and behavior that informs the study of human developmental learning.

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