Illinois Reps: Vote No On Breed Bans March 1st!

by Mary Haight on February 28, 2011

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If you never took political action before and you love animals, now is the time to pick up your phone or send an email. Perhaps both. Please do it today – tomorrow wil be too late!

Illinois currently has a State-wide ban on breed bans. Representative John E Bradley (D-117) wants to unhook that humane safety net for dogs, replacing a perfectly sound law based on science with what would result from a reversal: A patchwork of probable breed bans dreamt up by frightened people with no knowledge of dogs or, um, the fact that dogs’ behaviors are the result of the people who own them. People with breeds other people are afraid of will have to take care not to drive through certain cities, or stop visiting relatives who live in such towns.

Backing breed specific legislation is a sadly uninformed position to take, and it’s not opinion, but the considered view of the American Veterinary Medical Association, all the major animal welfare agencies such as Best Friends, ASPCA and HSUS, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and the National Canine Research Council  and all have made strong statements against breed specific legisation, underscored by the total failure of such laws  worldwide. Why would the people of Illinois wish to remove a humane law so that cities and towns could vote for cruelty (and the unreasonable search and seizure that goes with it) instead?

Of course, we could take Illinois in the direction of Denver where the goverment demands entry to your home to remove your dog to kill them, not for doing wrong, rather because they “look” like a certain breed. But I don’t think any of us here wants anything to do with that form of government. 

The root cause of animal misbehavior is the people who own them. Let’s keep this ridiculous, uninformed cruelty out of the State of Illinois. And let’s start keeping track of those who would push for such inhumane, ineffective, costly laws, especially when they have proven useless everywhere else. Vote these people out. Seriously. Of course, that last suggestion is just my opinion.

Tell your state representative to oppose HB 1080. The House Agriculture & Conservation Committee votes on Tues, March 1.

Members of the House Agriculture & Conservation Committee:

If you don’t know who your state representative is:

State Representative John E. Bradley, HB1080’s sponsor, can be reached by calling (217) 782-1051 or emailing 

Democracy requires citizen’s participation. Do it for the dogs. [Italy had some 100 breeds listed before they saw what a fool’s errand they were on, tore up that piece of legislation and landed on simple logic that dogs who proved dangerous to the public get put down – no breeds specified.]

Source: Thanks to Ann Markham, Lake Shore Animal Shelter, for the link to Red White & Blue Dogs

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