Swiss Village Death Threats to Dogs Rebuked By Government

by Mary Haight on January 14, 2011

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News on a Swiss village’s death threats to dogs arrived from blogger friend Leo (@kenzo_HW) in Denmark. He was in touch with a contact in Switzerland who said that Reconvilier is generally considered a “laughing stock”, and that killing a dog because his owner did not pay license fees is illegal in Switzerland. The old laws have been replaced by more current law.

Leo reports that “local Swiss activists are on top of it – no dog will die for taxes” and pointed to fact that The Municipal Council is calling for this law to be either abolished or reworded per an article by Martina Maurer in the Berner Zeitung newspaper.  Since this threatened action was illegal, a police investigation is underway. The last time a dog was killed for this reason was 35 years ago, shot by a policeman.

Most dog license fees have been dropped around Europe according to the Berner Zeitung, and the law applies only to dog owners. Cats, horses, and other animals are  not required to have licenses.

Old laws left on the books can be really dangerous.

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