Swedish Dogs Are Theater Hounds

by Mary Haight on January 7, 2011

Great Dane
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Marketing manager Jenny Dyback Stromback of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in Scandinavia has what must be a great job – working for a company so forward thinking that they would open a theater allowing families to bring their dogs along…or is a theater for dogs, allowing their families to come along?

In a report from The Local, Sweden’s news in English, Stromback said: “A pet is a family affair and for dog and pet owners, it is obvious that they must find things to do together…Often, this means that one may be excluded from many fun activities, such as going to theatres, museums or restaurants. We are changing that now.”

The Thursday grand opening, a movie about a Great Dane named Marmaduke, was open to dogs, fish in aquariums, and…ahh, reptiles. No species discrimination here, but I’ll be waiting for *that* story soon…in the meantime, no popcorn will be available, but dog biscuits aplenty at the concession stand! Read on…

(Thanks to @doggiestylish’s Karen Friesecke for the tweet that led to this little ditty;)

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