Dog Hell Is In Switzerland

by Mary Haight on January 12, 2011

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Reconvilier, a small Swiss village of some 2245 people and 280 dogs, is out for blood according to a report from Huffington Post.  Officials have given their citizens fair warning – pay for your dog license or they will come and wrest Scruffy from your arms to teach you a lesson: Pay up or Max gets the axe! A new twist on the marriage of  death and taxes. 

A 1904 law apparently gives the city this unconscionable latitude.  Authorities claim that “hundreds of thousands of dollars” are missing from their coffers.  They just figured this out?  A license today is $50…that means they haven’t collected license fees for approximately 15 years, using today’s population of dogs and licensing rates so I don’t get a headache.  Downright lazy with enforcement, using especially cruel retribution to collect fees! 

It is no wonder then that this shocker brought to mind the story from last year that animals were hiring lawyers in Switzerland to protect them from abuse. Ironic, isn’t it?  The hope of activists was that all 26 Cantons – like States – would have an animal lawyer to prosecute abuse cases at the cost of the goverment. The Swiss voted “no” to a national service in March last year.

Reconvilier is in Canton Bern, not Zurich where the lone animal abuse attorney operates, but I have visions of angry dog lovers running up the cobblestone streets to take on their town council demanding the 1904 law be expunged.  Maybe the dogs will sniff out this news before they are snuffed and move to Zurich, or run for the hills…conveniently located nearby.  

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