Dog Fighting Sentencing Gets Serious

by Mary Haight on January 8, 2011

Dogfighting has been a tough crime to get any significant jail time on, but those days seem to be over.  Sentencing got serious is 2009 when a VA jury asked that a dogfighter be given 10 years for his crime, and they got what they requested along with a $6500 fine. For background details on this story, check this post at Ohmidog.

Florida animal cruelty investigators have  been trying to put Maurice Bayless, someone who has traveled to Puerto Rico and South America to fight dogs, behind bars for ten years. They got some satisfaction late Friday when, after prosecuting the case for three years, Judge William Fuente sentenced Bayless to two-and-a-half years in prison, with two-and-a-half years of parole. His girlfriend was sentenced to 364 days in jail and 5 years parole.

Dog fighter sent to prison:


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  1. […] Dog fighting kills.  This Google app, by whatever name, is a tutorial offering advice on how to breed, train a dog to fight, even unqualified medical advice to feed your dog steriods, and how to teach dogs to kill.  Not only should Google ban the app and all others like it from their sales page, someone ought to take those who who wrote it to court.  They are nothing if not criminals and accessories to multiple crimes and sentencing for dog fighting should be tough. […]

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