African Wild Dogs Have Pups, Video Cuteness

by Mary Haight on January 22, 2011

African Wild Dogs at Brookfield Zoo had pups, very good news for this endangered species.  Ten healthy pups were born on Thanksgiving and just had their coming out party with Zoo vets this week.  Brookfield  is a partner in the Species Survival Plan focusing on African wild dogs. Three litters have been born on site, and this is the largest. 

Population numbers have declined over the decades from half a million in 39 countries, traveling in packs of 100. Now there are less than 5000 according to the Zoo,  in approximately half as many countries for all the normal reasons:  Human overpopulation, habitat loss, hunting and competition for dwindling resources.  Distemper, parvo, and rabies can wipe out small local packs – the size of  packs being much diminished (from 2 to 20). 

You’ll see in the video below a little check up by zoo vets and some interesting interactions of all the puppies, their reactions to all the sounds around them, and the game of “who’s on top of the dog pile”! Enjoy:) (H/T to Kara Spak, staff reporter for the Chicago Sun Times.)

(Photo courtesy of Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo)

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