Top 10 Blog Posts of 2010: Reviewing Dancing Dog Blog

by Mary Haight on December 30, 2010

It’s the end of another year and time to look back and review our lives – both the highs and lowsDancing Dog Blog –  in our work, our families, and in our connection to friends, colleagues, and communities.  In that spirit, I was planning on reviewing a few of the highlights of 2010 as reflected in the blog posts here when I saw a tweet from Dr. V at Pawcurious.  She was going to write a top 10 and if others were going to do the same, she would have a Linky list where everyone could add their post. Good idea, that Linky list!  So here are some of my favs for 2010:

Pet Food Industry & Vets: Undue Influence? 

Not an indictment of Vets, but the question of selling particular brands of food at Veterinarians offices touched a chord with many, and the problems with commercial pet food ingredients came up.  It was lively!

What’s in the Beef? Dog Treat Company Quits Brazil

Companies with a strong mission-centered compass deserve good press, so when a company moves their operations out of one country and into another based on principles, I’m there! Good for you, Free Range Dog Chews!

A Visit With Dr. Roger Mugford, Behaviorist, Trainer, Founder Company of Animals

This was one of those serendipitous things that just happen, so you go with it.  The unexpected can be fun, and it was!

Pet Shop Sales Banned

West Hollywood passed the ordinance of 2/17 and it takes effect next year March 19. Since this has passed more cities and townships and even pet shop owners have gotten ahead of the curve by working with shelters and rescues to adopt out animals instead of selling them.

Puppy Mills and Commercial Breeders Defined

Commercial breeders don’t believe they are puppy mills, so it seemed time to dispel that notion and explain why.

Animal Care and Control, No Kill Tough Decisions – Part II

I like asking questions, finding things out and passing them along – and original video work is important in cases where you get one news story, then basically no more information. Good to see for yourself and report.  Can you say “big hairy mess”?

Giving Pet Shops and Puppy Mills the Boot

 This got a lot of comments, but it was also fun to write because there were posts and articles saying pet shops weren’t the problem, even though they are responsible for the sale of 500,000 of dogs per year.

Shelter Dogs Win: Dog Food Company Measures Success By the Bowl

This is the perfect idea by a dog food company of how to help shelters – so impressive I still smile when I think of  Darford out of Canada. And it was twitter pal Anthony Holloway at K9 Cuisine who brought it to my attention – thanks again!

Pets Are Part of the Family: Going Global?

EU spending on pets for the first time has surpassed that of North America. Pets as part of the family is even showing signs of catching on in Turkey. 

Pet Boutique and Bargains

You can’t get me to shop for myself in stores – catalogs and the Internet are my thing – but when it comes to my dog….look out!  I had a great time browsing and buying and getting the story of a neighborhood shop’s success!

Ok, that’s 10, but I hated leaving some out, like the post I did the other day on Karl Edwards Art…oh, well, now that I’ve named it, let’s link it, too Christmas Gifts for People with Pets! It’s good to review – a lot of work, really, but good! 

And tomorrow sometime, if I don’t pull my hair out first, I’m doing a list of 10 of my favorites posts by other bloggers! It has a nice “bookends” symmetry to it! Maybe there will be some new discoveries in it for you.

Bloggers are welcome to join in, and I will make my first attempt at using that Linky tool…it should be ready at the crack of noon, or 1:00 or thereabouts (no bloggy bullying here)! Yes, I realize it’s New Year’s Eve and everyone may just blow it off, but it never hurts to leave the door open (metaphorically speaking, of course – I live in a big city:) And there’s no rule that you have to list it on the Linky tomorrow either – you could wait until you’re nursing a hangover…

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