Top 10 2010 Favorite Dog Blog Posts

by Mary Haight on December 31, 2010

Wow – this was really hard.  That’s my excuse for posting this on the late side.  But I did take some pains, and felt some, too, to choose posts that resonated and that I thought would be worth your time.  Here they are, my top 10 2010 favorite dog blog posts in no particular order:

A Fearful Dog Speaks  Kevin Myers, Dog Lover’s Digest

Kim Clune’s Alaska: Ketchikan Misty Fjords  Kim Clune, This One Wild Life

Is “Pack” A Four-Letter Word?  Deborah Flick, Boulder Dog

No, Pit Bulls Aren’t Perfect, Are You? Edie Jarolim, Will My Dog Hate Me?

Danish Hovawart Puppy Mill Active Again  Kenzo, The Hovawart

The economy of incentives and the surprising science of motivation Debbie Jacobs, Fearful Dogs

Real Man’s Guide: Using Positive Reinforcement to Stop Behavior  Eric Goebelbecker, Dog Spelled Forward

When an Animal Shelter Closes   Melissa Freer, Mels Pet Pals

If Only I Could Read His Mind…  John Woestendiek, Ohmidog

Stop Hitting Your Dog  Steve Dale, Steve Dale Pet World, ChicagoNow

What Makes A City Pet Friendly?  Amy and Rod Burkert, GoPetFriendly

Satie’s bone Mary Doane, Mary’s Dogs

Wait…uh, wait…I still have Brent Toellner, Christie Keith, Lorie Huston, Hilary Lane and Leslie Fisher, but I’m out of numbers! Well, I am a rule breaker, and as Shawn Finch has said – another one I’d like to include here – a “troublestarter”. (Shawn and Lorie, and both Vets, have guest posts here, one on debarking, the other on diabetes, both great!) There was also a thoughtful post on cancer by Jana Rade that talked about healing from the inside, and some very entertaining posts from Karen Friesecke.  There are many others like Janet Tobiassen Crosby, Roxanne Hawn, Peggy Frezon, Dr V…maybe I should have done a “Top 25″ but then I will have all these new people I’ll be finding through your lists…I can see where this is going to get a litte complicated next year!

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Have fun and stay safe:)

(Bloggers can join the Linky Tool Blog Hop List and post the code on your blog if you like, and I’m leaving the list open for a couple of days:)

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