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by Mary Haight on December 6, 2010

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Shana and Len Bentivegna started Organic Pet Boutique a year ago to offer a place where safe products, those without harmful ingredients or dyes, would make choices easy for customers looking for toys, beds, grooming, treats and other products like the “Ear Aid” set I’ve used on Tashi (more about that later).  Near the end of summer, the Bentivegna’s got a call from customer Sabrina Kleier of HGTV’s “Selling New York” asking if they would like to participate in Amanda Hearst‘s Friends of Finn Gala held by HSUS.  Hearst got her puppy with papers from a New York pet shop not knowing or suspecting he was a puppy mill dog.  Who would think puppy mill dogs had papers (one of those dirty little secrets).  The event raises awareness of this issue in the tri-state area and also provides a program teaching people how to find reputable breeders.  The venue was a great fit for the Organic Pet Boutique and would raise awareness of toxic ingredients in products, too.

After the event, the Bentivegna’s got the basket bug and decided to create what they bill as the world’s first line of organic gift baskets.  From a starter Organic Pet basket to a dental basket, you’ll fnd a collection of great products to suit the many occasions arising over the holidays – check out the great descriptive video below!

Product Review

I’ve tried the “Ear Aid” two-part program for dog’s smelly, itchy ears made by Happy Tail Spa, one of the products carried by Organic Pet Boutique. The pads were an easy to use wipe for the ear flaps to remove dirt and soothe inflamed tissue (which Tashi did not present, but the pads did help remove some wax that had been ejected). Witch hazel, lavender, calendula and mullein flowers are the ingredients, along with colloidal silver for “bacterial suppression.”

Part two of the program is the Ear Clear used to break down the wax build up where bacterial can form.  It contains several oils, making it more viscous than the watery cleaner I get from the vet’s office and is described as an antibacterial/antimicrobial product.  Arnica and chaparral oils are used to decrease the pain of swollen tissues, comfrey and calendula are also ingredients to “heal and protect.”

This worked on Tashi and was easier to apply than the ear cleaning solution from the vet inasmuch as the watery stuff gets flung about when he shakes his head, and sometimes it will dribble all down his neck. The ear-dropper had a flattened rubber tip, perhaps from storage, so that made it a little awkward to fill the ear dropper but worked anyway with a little manipulation. It was easy to apply.

The World’s First Line of  Organic Gift Baskets Video!

This is a nice presentation of what you get when you send a gift, and I was delighted to find one of my favorite products, Salmon Paws, was part of a package!

one more thing…

Check out Debbie Jacobs Fearfuldogs’ Blog and I think you’ll be bookmarking it. She writes many wonderful posts on training, and recently a great piece on coercion, compulsion, patience, trust and their role in training dogs with a great comparison to trainers of wild animals, and a comment by the head trainer at the Shedd Aquarium. It is important to understand that there are different ways to teach the same thing. Enjoy:)

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