Christmas Gifts, Last Chance!

by Mary Haight on December 21, 2010

Are you baking cookies, making candy or decorating yule logs, maybe putting the finishing touches to a knitted scarf or mittens, or framing award winning photos you’ve taken throughout the year?  There’s not much time left to get your act together, wrap it up and put it under that tree:) You can always draw up your own gift certificate  for a massage (check the internet for instructions – omg, did I just say that – check multiple sources).   You can offer a special home-cooked meal, complete a chore that needs to get done, and these are all affordable, and will delight the receiver.  I remember that was the thing to do when I was a child.  

If you’re looking for a gifty gift, here’s some additional ideas – even if there’s not enough time to get it shipped and in hand by Christmas Day, take a color copy off the computer and wrap it in a box with ribbon.  All is not lost!

The big box stores are already marking down their goods, but there are also some pretty cool products that go beyond the everyday…

1. From Yep Yup, designers who put together beautiful ensembles for your pets needs, like this hanging organizer for around $59 or one of their dishwasher microwave safe hand-painted bowls for $18

2.  Hankering for handmade?  Dog collars and leads from Doggie Stylish of Canada will satisfy with her etsy for your pets!  Beautiful collars, thick or thin to enhance your dog’s natural good looks, like the Limited Edition irridescent beaded collar Jersey the Vizla is modeling for $24 or the pink paw fabric collar for $6 or the modern hot flames fabric collar for $8. Karen Friesecke, proprietor, designs and produces useful, strong and beautiful collars and leashes for your dogs, accommodates customization and provides free DIY patterns if you are crafty!




3. If you need a last minute basket, check out our pals, the women who own Bisket Baskets – you can still order for Christmas delivery and some basket have free shipping available!
4. And I should mention Tashi’s favorite toy is the Nina Ottosson Tornado from Company of Animals.  His favorite treats to search for in this game are Salmon Paws Value Pak Omega Stix!
5. There’s a company in Portland called Darf, that designs games people can play with their dogs and cats, spending quality time all around. Here’s an example of a card game called “Mutthead” You draw cards that ask you to get your dog to do something, or you have to do something (how would you like a balance a cookie on *your* nose?) and the player who gets the most positive responses wins. It’s priced at only $14.95.
6.  The DogPedic Sleep System – this bed is what started this post and you can blame Mel Freer of Mels Pet Pals:)) At last night’s Twitter chat #BarkOutLoud, she asked what I was talking about when I said there was a bed that was like a Temperpedic for dogs that Montel Williams had been selling on late night TV. I thought it was pretty funny as a full-fledged half hour infomercial, but it did get the product in front of people! It’s a memory foam bed that comes in small, medium, and large sizes and will support up to 150 pounds. Regardless of size, you can purchase the bed for two payments of $19.95 each. I’ll end this post with the video. Good luck with your last minute gift search!


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