Christmas Gifts for People with Pets!

by Mary Haight on December 15, 2010

There are 10 days left until Christmas, and the pressure is building…what oh what are you going to get for that special friend or loved one that will really thrill – that is timeless and doesn’t require you take out a loan?

Choices can get a little less complicated when the recipient is a pet lover, provided you know where to look!  How about a beautiful portrait of a beloved dog?  This Papillon is stunning, even in miniature, but do check out Karl Edwards sample page and you will be as gratified, and arrested by his work as I was.  The talent displayed across mediums – pen and ink, watercolor like this one, and oil on canvas is a delight.  He catches a glimmer in the eyes, a glistening lipline, a whisker twitch.

Some interesting things have happened to  those giving his work as a gift.  A portrait of a very active dog was commissioned by a woman to give to her boyfriend as a surprise.  Edwards had to spend 40 minutes throwing the ball for the dog to get him to sit still for sketches.  When the recipient opened his gift, he was overcome with emotion and told his girlfriend no one had ever done anything that nice for him, and then he said the “L” word to her for the first time – spoken like a true animal lover! And a border collie’s owner in Belgium ordered a portrait as a gift for his wife. The dog was later diagnosed with a degenerative disease and the man emailed in tears, so happy to have captured the dog’s vibrance in a painting.

I have worked with Edwards who just recently created a logo for Dancing Dog Blog and I can attest that he made the process really very easy.  Were I having a painting done, Edwards has a how-to guide for getting good details with digital photos that are then forwarded to him.  Emails fill in the details of the subjects personality.  I was so impressed it seemed only right to share my great “find” with everyone:)  What was really a surprise was that he does people, too. Though he doesn’t promote this much, there is a pen and ink of a child on his home page.  There are drawings of horses and birds and lions and cheetahs, too!

Gift Certificates are available and allow people to choose to spend more, or get something like a framed poster with stocking stuffers like coffee mugs and t-shirts at the new storefront site.  There is something for everyone at every price-point!

The BARk Magazine features Karl Edwards’ work this month, and mentioned that Edwards sometimes does memorial work of those wonderful furry friends who have passed on.  That could be just the thing for someone you know. Whatever your choice, art is wonderful to give and receive.  Happy gifting!

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