Skinneeez, Squeaky Dog Toys: What’s Missing?

by Mary Haight on November 10, 2010

Enticing, these limp little forest creatures…the double squeaker is what won my dog Tashi over; the no-stuffing or other parts that might at some point find their way down Tashi’s gullet won mine. 

I received two toys, one with the long plushy reddish fox coat you see here, and another with a shorter, more close to the body covering like a ferret. The dog loved the action he got as he tossed them in the air – the two squeakers at opposite ends makes for some realism in their floppy reactions to being tossed.  Tashi is a small dog so these toys are just his size.  Big dogs might have an easy time ripping these up if want that squeaker out!

I tested the long-haired red fox first by running my hands over all that furry plushness, and then I started gently pulling different areas to see if any of the fur would come out.  It did. There were a couple of loose tufts around the face and neck.  After that I checked where it was made: China.  But the toy is not the bright color we have been warned against by which as yet has no listing for Spot Pet Products “Skinneeez” toys. I do follow the directions, only allowing Tashi to play when these toys while I am watching.

The brown ferret creature is smaller than the fox, and none of the fabric dislodged when I tested it, nor has any fabric come out since (I do check each time I give him the toy).  I like this one better – I’m not concerned when Tashi is playing with this floppy toy.

The toys are about $10 each, so check them out at your local retailer or at and see if it suits your dog!  Tashi does spontaneously run and pounce on them, then he tries to taunt me into a game of “this is mine and you can’t have it” as he squeaks his jaws tired – he has a great time with them:) 

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